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With this innovative security app, you will avoid the risk of becoming one of the thousands of people being hacked online. It’s the quickest, painless and hassle-free way to protect your computer and you can now get it for only $3 (that’s an amazing 60% discount on the RRP price).

What would you do if your computer was hacked, your bank account was emptied or your personal photos and files were stolen?

  • Do you use online banking?

  • Do you use social media?

  • Do you have passwords and login credentials stored on your computer?

  • Do you have private photos and files (even work files) on your computer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this may be the most important article you read all year!

Your Wedding photos, family pictures, work files, banking information, social media logins, your address... Now imagine all this being stolen – GONE just like that!

Your computer is a personal storage facility, like a warehouse, that contains your most important, precious and private information. Which makes it the perfect target for a cyber-criminal.

Having any of your private information stolen would be devastating! But BEWARE it happens to more people than you might think! 1 in 4 people are hacked in the United States every day. Can you afford to let that be you?

Ransomware attacks have become an ever-present danger online. This is where cybercriminals hack your computer and shut its systems down until you pay them a fee (sometimes as high as $2000) which they demand in order to give you access back. For them to only do the same a month later.

With over 5 billion people using computers worldwide, they are a major target for cybercriminals. It's no surprise then, that cyber attacks have seen a dramatic increase and are now more common than ever. Hidden Malware can be found in popular computer programs and emails. Not running regular security scans could pose a significant risk.

The problem is there aren’t many computer security systems that will protect you from these dangers for a reasonable price. Until now...

Forget paying $100+ for antivirus, the Scanguard Security Suite is all you need to protect your computer and what’s best is it’s only $3! Yes, you read that right just three dollars!


Here's the deal: Windows Compatible Protection is giving instant virus & malware security to American citizens for $3. This is part of a special promotion which sees Windows Trained Developers team up with the renowned software provider, Scanguard to release a Windows Protection Package to users in the U.S.

Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too...
We've seen thousands of consumers right across the U.S rush to claim the Windows protection plan.

It has been tried and tested, and we must say, without any disappointment. 

With Scanguard Security you are able to detect these hidden viruses and then activate real-time protection to remove any potential threats. Ultimately keeping you and your computer safe.
Why are they offering the software for just $3?

Lead Developer, David explains, “Last year we saw millions of consumers affected by the sudden increase in computer malware. Our main goal is simple; we wanted to help users protect their personal information, identity, and online banking without fears that their computer may be compromised, at an affordable price.”
This is not the first time that giving away products for almost nothing has been employed, big companies with large marketing budgets are no strangers to the giveaway tactic. Burger King gave away 20,000 free whoppers via Facebook in a similar event in 2003.
So, How Can You Protect Your Computer For Only $3?
Follow the steps below to get the #1 Computer Security Suite for $3.
Step 1: Select your Computer below to start.

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Update: $3 Protection promotion is still currently available. The expiration and availability are unknown, however, we are advising readers to claim this discount today to avoid disappointment. Take advantage of this incredible offer whilst it is available.

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